How to Fake an Illness December 2, 2016

fake-illnessIt is hard to find someone who has never pretended to be sick.

The reasons for faking an illness are usually trivial for most of the people. Kids do it all the time to skip school. Some people do it to manage a sick leave from workplace. The wicked ones take shelter of fake sickness to trick people into giving them money. So the intentions behind pretending to be sick are not usually divine. What can you generally do to make people believe that you are suffering from some illness? Well, firstly it depends on your motives. If you are just a kid who wants to bunk off school, you might just behave like you are feeling dizzy or nausea, or that you might throw up any moment! You would have to fake it really well, if you want to miss/skip that boring class that is about to start. What if you are a valuable employee at a workplace where work simply never ends and you cannot even remember the last time you spent some quality time with your family? Well, you will have to do more than that kid in the school to secure a sick leave. One very effective solution might be to make a phone call to your supervisor from your home. It is your best chance to convince your supervisor that you are sick without having to deal with him/her in person.


If you are not a very good liar, or if you cannot even change your voice to make your supervisor feel that you are in pain, you can always ask someone else in your family to make that phone call. It is a lot easier to convince your supervisor if the phone call is made by your husband/wife or parents or friends. Your boss would know that you are too sick to even make a phone call! You might also want to make sure that you have a speech ready for your boss for the next working day. In case you have a Sherlock Holmes boss, you should ask your doctor friend to write you a prescription. If you fall the in the wicked category and want to make some money by fooling people, pretending to have simple illness like that kid in the school or that employee will not work for you at all. This is serious business. People will only take pity in you if you are able to convince them that you have some serious health issues. You might act like you have a terminal illness and can go from door to door asking for money for your treatment. You would have to take lot of preparations before you go into such business. To learn more go here:

You would have to show symptoms of your illness (you might want to take some make-up), you should have reports of medical examinations and medical bills (fake ones of course). Most importantly, you will have to be an excellent actor if you want to gain sympathy as well as money. It is also important to have back up plans to make sure that you do not get caught and end up in jail for fraudulent acts!

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